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Lucomm Technologies provides comprehensive implementation assistance; we assist consultants and distributors with the implementation of our products which allows for increased automatic operational efficiency, agile operations and advanced business intelligence. From simple single facility to complex multiple facilities cloud computing implementations we work with customers and distributors and enable them to achieve specific implementation goals.

An important part of the implementation of our semantic enabled products is the semantic modeling which is the process that establishes the relationships between the characteristics and goals of your improved operational process to the facilities network layout. Various localization techniques that our platform implements are employed based on the specifics of each layout for precise semantic inference.

While the semantic engine uses proprietary technology for localization and semantic inference, it can be coupled with any commercial hardware for which a supported driver is available or can be made available on request.

Improved localization and semantic inference is achieved if the hardware implements advanced operational control and synchronization.

A semantic system allows innovative ways of modeling operations in less time for increased agility and streamlined processes.

Lucomm Technologies works with consultants, technology partners and distributors in order to ensure that all aspects of technology are well understood and well supported.