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AccessView delivers innovative quantitative time measurements for space utilization, asset tracking, patient care and personnel management in any type of healthcare and pharmaceutical manufacturing facility.

It allows healthcare and pharma facilities to track assets and manage the access and time for employees, visitors or patients. It provides time management, real time localization, access management, alarms and emergency awareness based on data received from RFID or other sensors. Asset and item tracking is corroborated with the personnel management and allows for innovative business processes and workflow management.

AccessView provides benefits as:
  • Integrates patient or caregiver checkpoints with hospital workflow, providing information about visits, procedures and exams
  • Allows for advanced information on asset checkouts and item interactions
  • Quantitative spatial time measurements provide valuable information about ways of improving workflow, personnel and space utilization
  • Allows implementation of exclusion zones in order to protect from hazardous substances interactions
  • Finds and dispatch the closest crew to resolve an emergency
  • Controls the access to sensitive areas

  • With its real time event and alarm triggering capabilities Technical Event Manager(TEM) helps with patient safety and emergency awareness.

    TEM records events and notifies caregiver in relation to:
  • Admissions, transfer and discharge
  • Patient monitoring
  • Equipment status
  • Area monitoring