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Lucomm Technologies empowers industrial customers with innovative management and awareness tools across the board including areas as personnel, facility, inventory, transportation lines.

All products are developed with operational ease of use in mind and provide advanced user interactions based on web, touch screen and mobile interfaces.

The user interfaces take into account the organizational hierarchical structure and preserve the access to information based on this structure and configured rights.

AccessView is the premier class of products for time management and spatial intelligence built on advanced spatial sensing and semantic technology. In dense RFID environments the spatial sensing technology at its core helps with stray reads elimination and location accuracy.

AccessView Personnel allows customers to manage and register the time and access for personnel, manage emergency situations and derive utilization data for improved management, transparency and safety.

AccessView Point provides asset tracking management and allows for advanced business intelligence based on the tagged artifacts interactions.

With its real time event control and alarm triggering plug-in capabilities Technical Event Manager(TEM) optimizes facility management, production, storage areas and transportation.