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Semantic RFID
Semantic Sensor

Semantic RFID® is a distributed networked engine and cloud computing environment which uses RFID and sensor semantic models of buildings and facilities in order to automatically determine and control the semantics of movements of objects.

Semantic RFID bridges the gap between the physical layer and application layer in RFID sensing by implementing the stack that includes the network diversity and synchronization layer, the localization layer and the semantic layer.

RFID implementations require a semantic layer in order to transform the pure object movement to meaningful business data. BestView™ application suite is Semantic RFID enabled.

Semantic RFID main facts are:

Used across markets including retail, asset management, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare, airport security, luggage tracking, transportation etc.

Infers the semantics of movement of objects

Infers semantics and relationships between tagged objects

Best in class real time localization (RTLS) component which employs advanced localization techniques based on collaborative RF sensing and diversity

Improves reading reliability and range

Enables counterfeiting and tag anomalies detection

Enables fast semantic tagging

Enables semantic activation and deactivation

Provides object movement security and access control

Semantic Sensor™ fusion

Environmental aware

Allows for minimum initial investments

Systems can be scaled up on as needed basis for additional or more complex operational control and intelligence

Enables advanced operational intelligence and control that help users improve their operations and measure the success in a facile and automatic manner

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