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AccessView is the premier solution for time management and spatial intelligence.

With its core of novel localization and semantic technologies AccessView allows the emergence of everywhere time awareness spatial applications.

It empowers businesses and individuals with ways to improve workflows and productivity in buildings, production facilities, storages, transportation lines, dispatch facilities and many others.
It provides real time mapping and notifications on any device and spatial data mining intelligence.

AccessView is based on the Semantic RFID® engine and cloud computing environment which incorporates innovative collaborative sensing and semantic technologies. Advanced time and access management models make from AccessView a powerful semantic operational platform:

Advanced solution for personnel time management, access control, real time location and emergency situations.

Novel semantic models augmented with comprehensive and flexible time management and access rules are used at the core of this personnel management application.

Advanced solution for items tracking, location, access and time management.

Seamleasly integrates RFID and GPS spatial network technologies in order to manage in real time the access, location and time of assets inside buildings, across facilities, transportation lines or throughout the world.