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Semantic RFID
Semantic Sensor

We provide the SensiView® line of access points for sensors and readers that work in conjuction with our products.

The access points provide the following capabilities and benefits:

  • Control and manage the operational flux from arrays of sensors
  • Semantic RFID
  • Semantic Flux
  • Expand spatial coverage as the business grows
  • Distribute processing for high availability and increased performance
  • Avoid single point of failure
  • Managed from a central location
  • Touch interface

  • Our access point line operates with any commercial sensors for which a driver is available or can be made available on request.

    It allows the management and control of sensor networks inside buildings, transportation lines, storage facilities, containers and others in order to provide real time information about network healthiness, collect key statistics and trigger semantic events.

    Semantic Sensor™ is the control and acquisition engine that provides real time control and semantic sensing notifications based on easy to setup semantic rules.

    Our access points are Semantic Flux ready which allows the integration of any third party sensors to the Semantic Sensor cloud.